Philippines Dating

Philippines DatingSend Private Messages

Send Private Message is a private messaging feature that allows members to connect one-on-one. You can send someone a private message by creating a new blank message or you can create drafts messages and use them as your template. This feature is very useful when sending mass messages to multiple members.

Philippines DatingInvitation Calendar

Send online dating request using calendar, set and send the specific date, time, location and time zone you want and wait for your partner's confirmation. All request notification will be sent to your partner's email and notified on the website when your partner log-in to his/her account.

Philippines DatingAdd & View More Contact Information on Profile

You can put – up your contact information to your profile, all members are capable to see your contact details. You can hide your contact information or profile by updating your profile settings status to private.

Philippines DatingPrivate Chat

Our Private Chat feature allows members to chat with other online members of the site one-on-one.

Philippines DatingUpload Photos

This feature allows members to upload photos and choose their primary photo to be visible on profile as a profile icon. Photos are reviewed by our support team to ensure they comply with our photo requirements, for example, your face can be seen clearly and your photo is not offensive. This process is usually completed within 12 hours.

Philippines DatingEmbed Videos

Members can embed their YouTube videos to their profile with no limit.

Philippines DatingInvite Friends

You can invite your friends to join, for them to look their perfect match

Philippines DatingYahoo! Messenger Pingbox

Chat privately with visitors on members profiles through Yahoo! Messenger.

Philippines DatingSkype Member When Online

This feature is similar to Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox.

Philippines DatingSend & Receive Smile

Smile Quotes Messaging allowing members to send quote messages. It's an easy and fast way to send message to other members.

Philippines DatingView Profile on Facebook

This feature helps members to gather more information about their selected members. The main purpose of linking their profile on Facebook is for evaluation purposes.

Philippines DatingView Profile on Tweeter

This feature is also similar to both View Profile on Facebook & View Profile on MySpace.

Philippines DatingForum

This is our public forum that allows all members to share ideas on their mind. We encourage everyone to post here in the forum and offer us your ideas, as this will help us improve the site by adding useful functions. Quest ideas are always welcome.

Philippines DatingScam Report

This section is more about on Complaints, Spams, Scams & Reviews. It allows members to report spammer, scammers etc. Once you submitted a complaint or report, it gets immediately sent to our team for review. Once it’s reviewed, your complaint will be automatically visible to all members and to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when it's crawled. The point of showing all reviewed reports in public is to allow other members to be able to provide additional or support information in order to help us to gather additional information to be use as evidence.

Philippines DatingRequest For Interview

This feature has been made for female members. This is their opportunity to tell us about their personal information directly to our support team and to prove us that they are real and they are using their own photos. This is our final evaluation process by giving them 5 stars rating once they passed the interview.

Philippines DatingStar Rating

Stars are our way of rating your profile. It ranges from 1 to 5 where 1 is the lowest and 5 is being the highest. To get more stars, just upload more clear photos and add more of your personal information on your profile.

It is a very important for a member to upgrade their star in order to get more freedom and trust from other members searching for love. Upgraded members get a lot more attention and a better chance to have real interactions and allowing you to communicate to all of your selected members with no limit.

Philippines DatingReported Abuse, Spammer & Scammer.

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingNew members waiting for approval have not completed Profile Information and no photos uploaded.

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingMembers have completed Profile Information but no uploaded photos.

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingFemale Members have completed Profile Information and have uploaded more clear photos.

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingMale Members have completed Profile Information.

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingFemale Members have completed Profile Information, have uploaded more clear photos and interviewed by our team (online voice/cam interview).

Philippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingPhilippines DatingMale Members have completed Profile Information.

Philippines DatingAdd Favorites

This feature allows members to shortlist their viewed or member. It helps them easily find their favorites members the next time they login to their account.

Philippines Dating24 Hours Customer Support

We are here to support you (24/7) service if there are things you don’t understand, or if you need our help in doing transactions with your love one.